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Titan Terror

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To be eligible to enter:

Competition is open to:​
-any Westminster College students, staff, faculty and alumni.
-any residents of Lawrence & Mercer counties
-any high school, junior high or middle school student in Pennsylvania and Ohio. ​​
Entries with gore or gratuitous violence will be disqualified.
There is no limit on how many individuals can participate in a single entry.
There is no limit on the number of entries you can submit.
We want to promote amateur moviemaking with your iPhone, smartphone or any digital camera in your pocket.
You must complete the entire online entry form.
You must upload your entry on VIMEO.
There is no entry fee!
Each entry must:
- run three-minutes or less.
- must be original work.
- meet the theme and spirit of the Titan Terror Project.


Any use of copyrighted images, video or music is prohibited.
You must submit entry and completed online entry form by midnight Sept. 28, 2013.
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